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T1A- Europe's Leading Refurbisher

T1A is a Danish refurbishing company founded in 2000. Built on a circular economy logic, T1A increases the lifespan of end-of-use IT, offering Asset Recovery Services, and refurbished IT equipment.  Annually, T1A upcycles more than 250.000 data-carrying units that undergo an ISO Certified Asset Recovery Process. At the end of the process, the units are prepared for the second lifecycle for other users. By having a large scale of IT machines entering the facility, T1A became a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher in order to have a genuine operating system and ensure trustworthy software on all refurbished computers that are about the start the second lifecycle.

T1A Key Processes

T1A is ISO Certified for Quality Management, Environmental Management, and Security Management. Rooted in daily activities, ISO Certifications 9001, 14001 and 27001 ensure lean processes, focused on a continuous improvement which is oriented towards meeting customer needs. Some of the key processes of T1A are cleaning and sorting, data erasure, quality check, and preparation. 

Cleaning and Sorting. Initially, the production teams register the devices, then clean and remove all the identification tags from each unit. This is also where the sorting of e-waste takes place. 

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Data Erasure.  A GDPR compliant data erasure process is performed on each computer. Computers undergo data erasure in conformance with NIST 80088 standard of the Department of Defence.

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Quality Check. Once each computer has the data totally wiped, a new genuine Microsoft Windows 10 Home or Pro license is installed. Then preparation teams perform a product classification and quality check of each unit. 

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Preparation and Shipping.  At this point, final adjustments are made according to each market requirements. Finally, the team packs the computers in sustainable boxes, and ship them to customers for a new life.


T1A - Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, T1A ensures that each device comes with a reliable operating system.  T1A products are a pre-installed genuine Microsoft Windows 10 Home or Pro. The benefit of having a genuine operating system is that you as a customer will not be exposed to data risks because your refurbished device is GDPR compliant data erased and has an original Microsoft Windows 10, which in comparison to a pirated software prevents the risk to cyber-attacks. 

Customer experience

Your experience as a customer is something we take seriously at T1A. All products are delivered in boxes made of recycled materials and packed safely for shipping. When unpacking, you get a similar out-of-the-box experience as from a new machine. With genuine Microsoft Windows 10 on each device, you also receive the same out-of-the-box experience when turning on your refurbished PC as if you turned on a brand new machine.  Check out the video and see what's in a T1A box:


Sustainability and Environmental Value

 All T1A products result from a process of resource value retention called asset recovery. T1A receives large batches of IT from global customers, increase their lifecycle through the asset recovery process, and then resell to new users. Any e-waste is sent to recycling. 90% of all units that T1A receives are upcycled, and the rest 10% is recycled, where 9.3% is recovered for other manufacturing. As a result, T1A has a recovery rate of 99.3% of all equipment. Choosing T1A refurbished computers for your daily use makes you part of a circular ecosystem because you will challenge the conventional consumption of IT by using a sustainable product resulting from a value retention process of keeping natural resources in the production loop.

Your Benefits with T1A products:

  • High Value for Money
  • Products Backed by 3 ISO Certifications
  • 2-year standard warranty
  • Extra warranty up to 4-years

  • Pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 10
  • GDPR compliant data erased product
  •  99,3% recovery rate 

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